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UK Swiss Made Breitling CEO Georges Kern: “Why would you go into a cave and close the door behind you?”

Breitling CEO Georges Kern is also spearheading e-commerce at the luxury watchmaker. In April 2020, perfect UK sale replica Breitling started its webcasts featuring new launches and highlights.

Georges Kern has revitalised best fake Breitling ever since he took over as CEO—he is also a shareholder in the company—in 2017. The former Richemont veteran, and the man widely credited for the resurgence of IWC, has revisited back catalogues and introduced several new product lines. AAA high-quality replica Breitling is no longer just a maker of pilot watches; Kern has also introduced ‘land’ and ‘sea’ to the equation, and also added a Professional line.

While he has spearheaded high imitation Breitling’s e-commerce initiatives, Kern has also opened many 1:1 best fake Breitling boutiques across the world that are inspired by its relaxed but luxurious interpretation of ‘loft design’. In this interview, he tells us about how Swiss Made replica Breitling negotiated 2020, the idea of inclusive luxury, and the company’s India plans.

Breitling CEO Georges Kern

Best UK sale fake Breitling online is among the few companies that did better than the market average last year. What made you stick to the decision of not delaying new watch launches?

Why would you go into a cave and close the door behind you? Presumably brands who delayed their launches figured they wouldn’t sell any watches over the last year, but that’s not true. If you have the right product and if you represent the right values for the consumer, I don’t see why you wouldn’t interact with your customers, and surprise them with beautiful products!

The response to our Summit Webcasts has been brilliant (high-quality replica Breitling started its webcasts featuring new launches and highlights in April 2020). Much like a Netflix series, viewers are eager to watch the next episode once the last has aired. The format is great in communicating our key messages and introducing our new products to the masses.

You’ve often spoken about the idea of ‘inclusive luxury’. Exactly, what does that mean?

Our expression of inclusive luxury means being a relaxed brand, a more informal, a more meaningful and sustainable brand. We want to be cool and relevant. You see it in our communications, our squads, in the loft design of the boutiques, and in the product. We want to be inclusive in the way we talk to the customer and the way we treat him or her through the setting and the message.

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How different is it selling a luxe product over the internet?

Before we took over at AAA best super clone Breitling watches, the brand was not digital at all. So expanding our e-commerce network is something we have been pushing, and it obviously played a crucial role within the last 12 months.

Moving forward, e-commerce will continue to be key, particularly in the decision-making process. However, the key difference and what cannot currently be replicated online is the physical 360-degree understanding of the brand. Humans are social, and they like to see, communicate and experience which is why the act of visiting physical stores will remain huge, particular in the buying stage.

How has the pandemic impacted shopping habits?

The pandemic saw a strong acceleration in online sales. However, I think the most significant impact on shopping habits is the change in people’s idea of luxury. Luxury is evolving and cool brands of the past might not be cool brands in the future and vice versa, particularly post Covid-19.

Before the pandemic, UK Swiss made replica Breitling watches already engaged in inclusive luxury, in the way we interacted with customers in a more welcoming and engaging manner. Our more informal and relaxed approach comes to life through the new concept of our boutiques; and sustainable luxury – just look at what we have been doing with our Econyl straps and our innovative new packaging. These values helped us a lot during the pandemic and will help us post-Covid-19, too, when I believe people will have a new perception of luxury.

Where does India figure in Breitling’s plans?

Despite the pandemic, India has been doing very well, and we have an excellent team in the market. We have plans in place to modernise the existing point of sales and further expand our distribution network, in order to gain further market share. In the coming months, we will be opening a Breitling Boutique in Delhi. This will be the first boutique inspired by our new concept in the country.